December 8, 2017

About TIZ

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) is a local chapter of the global movement – Transparency International. It is dedicated to the fight of corruption and the promotion of good governance. TIZ is a non-profit making non- governmental organization with a registered office in Lusaka and has been in existence since June 2000. It was officially registered under Registration Number 46295 as a ‘Company limited by guarantee’ with the Registrar of Companies in January 2001. TIZ abides by the guiding principles of Transparency International globally but has adopted its own vision, mission and core values to guide its operations. Transparency International Zambia Chapter is a professional body with 50 individual members and a national secretariat comprising 15 staff. The TIZ structure includes the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is the supreme policy making body which elects the Board of Directors headed by a Chapter President. The Board, on behalf of TIZ members, is responsible for the overall operation and stewardship of TIZ.

Community Notice Boards are an integral part of TIZ in its realisation of its goals and vision. They comprise of stakeholders from various Government departments and Civil Societies who play the role of work groups at district level.


A Zambia anchored on citizens and institutions of integrity.


A leading anti-corruption crusader contributing to Zambia’s development based on a culture of Integrity, transparency and accountability through the promotion of good governance and zero tolerance to corruption.


  • Democratic: TIZ is and will be respectful and accommodative of different views of individuals and various sectors of society.

  • Non-Partisan: TIZ will not align itself to any one particular grouping.

  • Transparency: TIZ will adhere to the principles of transparency in its dealings whether procedural or administrative.

  • Accountability: TIZ will embrace the culture of responsibility for actions and statements it makes.

  • Ethical/Professional: TIZ will uphold high ethical and professional standards

  • Integrity/Honesty: TIZ will promote honesty and integrity at both individual and institutional level

  • Teamwork: Working together to achieve goals

  • Dynamic: TIZ will in its work strive to be dynamic and innovative.


TIZ has expanded its scope in the current strategic plan of 2017-2021. Previously, the main focus was anti-corruption, which still remains the niche for Transparency International, however, in the current strategic plan, more focus will be on other governance issues which act as its enablers or chokers. This is in cognizance of the fact that corruption does not exist and thrive in isolation; it is dependent on the state of governance in the country. As such a lot of efforts are targeted at enhancing/promoting good governance. The current strategic plan is looking to promote transparency, accountability, integrity, democracy, rule of law and human rights. The notion is that once these areas are improved, the prevalence of corruption will reduce.


  • Political landscape (Democratic space, Rule of law, Human rights, electoral processes);

  • Public Resource Management (e.g. procurements, public expenditure tracking,

  • Recovery of stolen resources);

  • Public Service delivery (transparency and accountability);

  • Natural resource governance (e.g. land governance, extractives sector, climate governance);

  • Public and Private Business Integrity (transparency and disclosure – Illicit financial flows, beneficial ownership, Political party financing);

  • Reforms (legal, policy and institutional – including domestication and implementation of international instruments);

  • Protection of whistleblowers

  • Citizens claiming their rights and demanding for Transparency and Accountability

In cognisance of the global nature within which TI work is premised, TIZ has made a deliberate effort to align its 2017 – 2021 strategic plan to the precipitating global strategies, namely; the Transparency International (Global) strategy 2020, The African Agenda 2063 as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). TIZ work will be linked to these regional and global agendas and contribute towards their achievement.

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