December 8, 2017


  1. ALAC


Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC) started operating in July, 2007 and was officially opened in December, 2008.

ALAC is a community service centre that offers pragmatic services to individuals, communities, companies, and institutions who are victims of corruption or witnesses to corruption by giving legal aid and advice. The advocacy aspect of the centre focuses on public education and prevention strategies based on cases and complaints lodged and collated by the centre. It seeks to facilitate the engagement of the public in the fight for transparency and accountability and to provide legal advice to victims of corruption in Zambia.

The overall objective of ALAC is to promote greater transparency and contribute to the reduction of administrative corruption within public institutions. By providing absolutely free-legal advice to clients of ALAC, the centre is helping to remove the notion that the law is a preserve of lawyers.

What does ALAC do?

  1. Provide legal advice and assistance to victims and witnesses of corruption.
  2. Help citizens pursue corruption-related complaints by encouraging them to come forward
  3. Use the information gained from cases to advocate for institutional reforms and policy changes in targeted institutions for better local and national governance.
  4. Creates dialogue, informal feedback, and working partnerships with government institutions charged with the role of fighting corruption

How are complaints received at ALAC?

ALAC has been receiving thousands of complaints from citizens since its inception in Zambia through the following;

  • Calls on 021-1-290080 or 0966 404020
  • Visits/walk in at the TIZ Offices located at Plot No.8, Raphael Kombe Road, Rhodes Park;
  • Email on;
  • Letters sent to P.O. Box 37475, Lusaka;
  • Fax to +260 211 293649 and
  • Organizational website at