December 8, 2017


The CEDA program is hinged on bringing about attitudinal and behavioural change. In the current strategic plan, it is looking to a paradigm shift, from where civil society act on behalf of community members to demand for accountability, towards citizen-demand driven accountability systems – citizens are demanding for accountability themselves, which is more empowering and sustainable.

In this regard, community members will be empowered with relevant information that will enable them demand for accountability from their leaders and service providers. They will be empowered to;

  • be aware of and claim their rights,

  • Hold their leaders accountable and act in ethical ways.

The program will place emphasis on social accountability, and on maintaining old and building new partnerships for enhanced collaboration. The program will engage with community members through outreach activities to raise their awareness and sensitize them on a number of selected governance issues. The program will also be looking to bridge the gaps (trust gap, information gap, etc.) between service users and service providers by facilitating consistent and constructive dialogue between the two parties.