December 8, 2017


Coverage Area: Mansa and Petauke Districts

Donor: DFID through TI-S

Project span: 2015-2019 (Renewable annually via TI-S)

Status: Running


Corruption is not only a threat when it comes to public finances, but also in sectors such as land administration. It is in this view that TIZ embarked on a project Land and Corruption in Africa (LCA) Project alongside other national chapters in an effort to help improve access to and understandable information and contribute towards citizens’ adequate access to justice on land issues among other key issues surrounding land administration in Zambia, in particular, for customary land tenure.

Transparency International’s LCA project is guided by the vision of guaranteeing the maintenance and development of land and tenure-based prosperity for men and women of all generations equally, respecting the dimensions of stewardship and socio-cultural relationships to land, and taking into consideration the special needs and rights of indigenous communities.


  • To promote a people-centred approach to land governance which guarantees transparency, integrity and accountability, and the active and meaningful participation of citizens;

  • To counteract and significantly curb corruption in land governance processes by promoting transparency, integrity and accountability through appropriate and simplified legal frameworks on land tenure;

  • To contribute to the development and enforcement of laws and regulations on land and tenure rights at the national level in cooperation with land commissions and regional bodies.