December 8, 2017

Mining for Sustainable Development

Coverage area:

Donor: BHP Billiton Foundation and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Project life span: Divided into 2 phases (Phase 1: 2016-2017) (Phase 2: 2018-2020)

Status: Running


The mining sector offer a great potential to bring about broad-based economic development and reduce poverty in Zambia, however, much strides to make this a reality are undermined by corruption. It is therefore of utmost importance to promote transparency and accountability in approval processes in the mining industry.

Transparency International’s Mining for Sustainable Development Programme (M4SD) addresses where and how corruption can get a foothold in the mining approvals process; in this way, we are combatting corruption before ground is even broken.

The M4SD Program complements existing efforts to improve transparency in extractive industries by focusing specifically on the beginning of the decision chain: the point at which governments grant mining permits and licenses, negotiate contracts and make agreements.

The successful implementation of M4SD will lead to:

  • Changes in policy and behaviour of government and industry stakeholders on the local, national, and international levels;

  • Practical solutions that reduce corruption risks;

  • Stronger monitoring and enforcement of transparency and accountability standards; and

  • Greater contribution from mining to sustainable economic and human development.

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