December 8, 2017

Poverty and Corruption in Africa – PCA

Coverage area: Chongwe, Choma, Mongu and Solwezi.

Donor/ funder:

Project span: 2009-2012

Status: ended


Poverty and corruption in Africa (PCA) project was specifically designed to combat poverty at the grassroots level through enhanced transparency and accountability in the delivery of public services and goods. It focused on the relationship between corruption and poverty and looks to sever that link. PCA aimed at cutting tailing products of corruption in order to reduce and ultimately alleviate poverty.


To strengthen the capacity of the local Chapters to develop, implement, and evaluate programs which engage citizens, civil society, and governments in addressing corruption by demanding transparency and accountability in development processes.


Development pacts were used by our chapter as a way to hold officials accountable for public service delivery. These pacts acted as a social contract, committing communities and officials to an agreed development priority. The development pacts helped complete a bridge over a river that cuts a community off every rainy season. By opening projects to public scrutiny, in non-confrontational way, the pacts reduced opportunities for corruption, thus helping community members achieve their development targets.