Transparency International Zambia

Our Focus

The main goal of TI Zambia is to contribute to the reduction of corruption in Zambia through the following general organisational objectives:

watchdog institution

To effectively and efficiently play the role of a watchdog institution against corruption as well as be catalytic in the promotion of integrity and good governance in Zambia;

Promote debate and dialogue

To promote constructive debate and dialogue among various actors on the issue of corruption, good governance and integrity in Zambia;

Develop sustainable coalitions

To develop sustainable coalitions for the purposes of joint action and enhance information sharing among various stakeholders;

Develop various actors

To develop the organisational and human capacities of various actors to effectively deal with issues of corruption, good governance and integrity.

We've been in existence since June 2000

Transparency International Zambia in a nutshell
A local chapter of the international anticorruption movement.

We are a local chapter of the global movement – Transparency International, dedicated to the fight of corruption and the promotion of good governance.

TIZ is a non-profit making non- governmental organization abiding by the guiding principles of Transparency International globally but has adopted its own vision, mission and core values to guide its operations.

Transparency International Zambia Chapter is a professional body with 50 individual members and a national secretariat comprising 15 staff. The TIZ structure includes the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is the supreme policy making body which elects the Board of Directors headed by a Chapter President. The Board, on behalf of TIZ members, is responsible for the overall operation and stewardship of TIZ.

We have expanded our scope in the current strategic plan of 2017-2021.

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